Thank you, dear.

Light is like water. In every room. In every place.

It rains. It pours. It floods and then washes me clean.

And well, today's a new day. I'll try to make it better than the last.
Posts That Make My Heart Happy


Bryan Schutmaat. Lake McDonald, Montana, 2011

I accidentally forgot about you, dear Tumblr. So much so that I even forgot my password… Which is weird, because I use the same password for everything.

It’s just the beginning, but cheers to a new start.


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Wearing whale pajamas cause OMG it’s the first day of school and I’m tired.


Annie Clark 

I just ate half a medium pizza. I need a nap.

It’s rough being awesome.

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An anonymous person asked me to start posting on here again. So yeah, here are three of my favorite things: magazines, donuts, and hot soup.


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